XXIII. Csángó Festival

23th February (Saturday) 2019

Millenáris Park


Indulgence in Bákó
Saint Peter and Paul Day pilgrimage


In the past two decades, we could have a deep insight into the Csángó Hungarian traditions from everyday customs through festive occasions to family events by displaying their dances, songs, poems, films, books, photos, collections and oeuvres of renowned folklorists and the activity of famous Csángó persons.

Continuing the tradition of setting renowned days or periods of the calendar on stage we started in 2017, the 23th Csángó Festival’s show will present the summer season. Summer is the time for agricultural work: people are busy working in the fields, so there is less time for fun. On the occasion of the summer saint’s days – among others, Saint Antal (Anthony) at Forrófalva, Péter Pál in Bacău or Mary Magdalene in Csíkfalva – the Csángós visit their friends, relatives and acquaintances in the neighbouring villages. After getting pardoned at the Holy Mass, they start their visits and discuss their everyday matters. The tables get filled with selected dishes and drinks and soon the bean-feast begins and lasts till dawn. In the stage show, old and young folklorists from the Gyimes and Moldva region revive these traditions.

The programmes on the stage will be followed by dance houses, concerts, song teaching and other programmes at several places.

However, we find it important to present certain elements of Csángó culture not only through traditional means but also through contemporary arts. The public can see the works of Mária Petrás ceramist at our exhibition. Csángó gastronomy has become an obligatory part of our festive event and we are not going to miss it this year either.

The patron of the XXIII. Csángó Ball is dr. János Áder, the President of Hungary.

Stage director of the show: Diószegi László