Structure and Aim of the Csángó Homepage

The Csángó Homepage tries to promote the interests of the Moldavian Csángó Hungarians and to offer useful and up-to-date information to the public in Hungary and abroad.

Our topics and columns present the situation of the Moldavian Hungarians not only from the point of view of history, ethnography, folk-music or sociology, but also deal with POLITICS, the civil sphere, everyday difficulties and topical questions.

Our webpage offers recent political, economical and cultural news in connection with the Csángós as well as press reviews. Our readers can get acquainted with the history, geography and life of the Moldavian Csángó Hungarians under the title WHO ARE THE CSÁNGÓS?

We think it is very important that the names, addresses and particulars of the organizations dealing with the issues of the Csángó Hungarians could be found at one site (CIVIL SPHERE).

We would like to give information about programmes and events such as conferences, camps, lectures, concerts and book displays, organized either in Moldavia, Transylvania, Hungary, or in any part of the world.

Those who would like to read longer, more detailed works or are just interested in the topic can find a list of homepages connected to the topic in column STUDYS and MEDIA.

We hope that we will be able to promote the interests of the Moldavian Csángó Hungarians suitably, and we can inform the visitors of the Csángó Homepage properly.